China bans pigs from TV ads to appease Muslims

Those of us who own Command & Conquer: Generals know — this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

Who could have guessed that the ChiCom thugocracy would go dhimmi before we did?

Chinese TV’s ban comes in the wake of the killing of 18 Muslims by police in the country’s remote northwest earlier this month. The government accused the men of being terrorists. Muslim activists have called for an independent investigation…

“After an incident like that, the government often tries to make up for it, in an overt propaganda way,” says Dru Gladney, an anthropologist at Pomona College in California, who studies China’s Muslims…

“We don’t want to see any misunderstanding like the one 12 years ago,” during the last Year of the Pig, says Mr. Ma. At that time, Mr. Ma says, some newspapers published a tale in which a pig saves the life of Muhammad. “That aroused a lot of anger,” he says.

It’s strange to think of Big Brother making concessions to a minority, but it makes sense given the numbers. There are more than 20 million Muslims in China; the total population of Iraq as of 2005 was only 29 million. Twenty million isn’t enough to win, but it’s enough to whip up a nice little quagmire if properly motivated. The regime doesn’t want an insurgency sapping its resources while it’s trying to build a superpower and since autocrats don’t have to concern themselves overly with the feelings of the majority, they can afford to simply zap some offending images. In this case, paradoxically, it’s the totalitarian nature of the government that enables the political correctness. Among other things.

Just one more reason to dislike China.