Video: "The Bible Says"

We’re going to have to do our silly two-step here where I find a video, hand it off to Ace because it’s too hot for HA, but then link to it because it’s too funny not to recognize. It’s a parody (clearly — poke around their website) of ministries that claim to be able to turn gays straight. The music is Christian contemporary; the rhetoric is pure Fred Phelps. It’s hilarious but the humor is dark, so before clicking please observe this, your official strong content warning. Here’s the link.

Do check out their site, too. What is it about this subject that elicits such elaborate satire? The Landover Baptists, always more tedious than funny, have more content on their front page than we do.

Update: Meanwhile, the guy on “Grey’s Anatomy” who directed a slur at one of his gay castmates has confessed to his thoughtcrime and is undergoing reprogramming.