Pelosi's daughter's movie about evangelical Christians to debut tomorrow night

When last we met Alexandra Pelosi, she was filming George W. Bush’s run for the presidency in 2000 and marking her absentee ballot — on camera — for Bill Bradley, presumably because the Gorebot wasn’t far enough left. She returns tomorrow night at 9 on HBO with the documentary “Friends of God.”

The reviews are starting to come in. Consider this your Tivo alert.

[T]he parts of the film that were most troubling were not about abortion or gay marriage or even the incredibly pathetic attacks on evolution. Rather, it was the willingness of evangelicals, young and old, to accept as figurative and literal gospel anything and everything fed to them by authority figures. They appear as automatons, unable or unwilling to question the pronouncements of their leaders.

Also difficult to watch were those who, despite having elected a born-again president and established giant radio and TV networks and a political power base second to none, still feel they are a persecuted minority. If Pelosi’s intent is to show that evangelical faith suffocates reason, the point is well-made.

Think mom will get any questions about this next week? We know from the left vis-a-vis Bush’s daughters that parents are accountable for their adult children’s decisions. And they’ve got a point: how awful is it that Barbara and Jenna are cooling their heels here at home while Silver Star winner Rick Ellensburg “Duke” Greenwald is, as we speak, leading midnight raids on Taliban redoubts outside Kandahar?

I hope our Christian readers will tune in. If we get enough reaction, I’ll open a thread on it tomorrow night.