Dem Rep. Nadler: "The villains are no longer the terrorists"

No doubt there’s a “clarification” being crafted in his press office at this very moment about how he was taken out of context. Okay then, here’s the context: he’s from New York City, he was talking about Ground Zero workers who’ve fallen ill, and he was probably trying to make a point about how the greater threat to them is governmental indifference to their condition, not the people who, you know, actually caused it.

I.e., it’s not that he thinks the Bushitler is more evil than Bin Laden. It’s that he’s a shameless, grandstanding pig.

A furious Rep. Jerrold Nadler branded President Bush, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg 9/11 villains for their treatment of Ground Zero workers.

“The villains are no longer the terrorists,” Nadler said yesterday at a news conference in Washington.

“The villains live in the White House and in Gracie Mansion, or at least lived in Gracie Mansion in the last administration, and in the governor’s office.”

During an interview with the Daily News, Nadler (D-Manhattan) blamed the Bush administration for lying to the public about environmental conditions in lower Manhattan, blamed Giuliani for failing to protect Ground Zero rescue workers and blamed Bloomberg for failing to help workers who are dying today.

Exit question: Am I giving him too much credit? Is this a “botched joke” by a moron trying to show outrage on behalf of the afflicted or did this cretin actually stumble into a Kinsley gaffe?