Breaking: Nifong slapped with second, harsher ethics complaint

Just across on Fox. ABC News has a teaser up but no link yet. Who called it? Me, that’s who.

They’ve had a file open on him since March, which makes me think maybe these were older charges that they’d already finished investigating and about which they felt confident enough to proceed. The accusation of suppressing evidence is more recent. It could be they haven’t gotten around to it yet and are planning to amend the complaint when they do.

Admittedly, that was about as tough a call as predicting that Bush’s speech would be boring and unpersuasive.

Among the new charges: withholding DNA evidence.

There’s a press conference coming up; we may very well have video. While we wait, go watch the clip in the sidebar of the Duke kids’ parents unloading on the bastard.

Update: Tasty.

The North Carolina Bar today filed an amended complaint accusing Nifong of withholding DNA evidence from the defense and making misrepresentations to the presiding judge in the case. The Bar has accused Nifong of conduct that involves “dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.” Nifong also allegedly violated a rule that “prohibits an attorney from knowingly making false statements of material fact.”…

Nifong could receive anything from private reprimand to disbarment in connection with the ethics charges. If disbarred, Nifong would have to give up his seat as Durham County District Attorney.

The hearing’s on May 11. I’d bet my first child that he won’t disbarred.

Update: In my best John McEnroe voice: you cannot be serious.

The test results from DNA Security of Burlington found DNA from at least four unidentified men in and on the accuser and excluded the entire lacrosse team as the source. The bar’s complaint said Nifong hid these results from defense lawyers, who repeatedly asked for all DNA test results. Nifong then lied to the court, either on paper or in direct comments to a judge, on five occasions, the complaint said.

When the State Bar notified Nifong on Dec. 20 that the organization was investigating the withheld evidence and false statements, Nifong acknowledged that he knew of the DNA results in April and May, the complaint said. Nifong told the bar that he withheld the results out of concerns for the players’ privacy concerns.

Update: Nifong’s lead investigator in the case? Also the subject of ethics complaints in the past, although the charges were never proved.

Update: Here’s the complaint. You already know most of the facts from having watched the 60 Minutes piece. Scroll down to the bottom of page 29 and go from there.