Jamilgate: E&P rips AP's "so-called journalism," lauds Malkin's mosques expose

I’m kidding, of course. Twenty-four hours after my post and damn near two and a half days after the boss’s NYP column went live, not a word about HA’s Hurriya report has yet to grace their foul, foul site. No surprise there, either. When some dastardly villain inexplicably hacked into E&P’s server this summer and rewrote one of Greg Mitchell’s old columnscoincidentally at the very moment he was taking heat for that column from the blogosphere — E&P responded first by ignoring the matter and then by ignoring it some more. That’s how “the bible of the news industry” responds when confronted with embarrassing or inconvenient revelations, you see: they simply clam up and pretend they didn’t happen. Just like they’re doing now.

In the immortal words of Gunnery Sergeant Glenn “Rock” Ellensburg, “This is who they are and this is what they do.”

A video tribute, then, to our favorite disingenuous hack of an editor. His omerta might not be as creepy as, say, a man under 30 with a mustache, but it’s plenty creepy nonetheless.