Dick Durbin to liveblog SOTU at Daily Kos?

So said Fox News about an hour ago. There’s no confirmation yet at his Senate site or dKos, but it’s not unlikely: he made an obsequious appeal to the Kossacks two weeks ago to help him set the Senate’s agenda. And just as I’m typing those words, Fox breaks in to say that a small helicopter belonging to a private contractor — or “mercenary,” in Kos-speak — has been shot down over Baghdad.

So won’t the mood be festive over there tonight.

Durbin’s not the only prominent Democrat looking to woo the most disgusting elements of the left this evening. Olbermann’s producers just sent around an e-mail announcing that Krazy Keith will be chatting with Hillary Clinton before the speech. Let’s hope Olby, serious journalist that he is, treats her to the same tough, uncompromising questions he posed to her husband back in September. FYI, the “sandbagging” to which he refers was Chris Wallace asking Clinton if he should have done more to stop the guy who knocked down the World Trade Center.