Daily Mail editor: "Orwellian" BBC is "perverting political discourse"

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Story via … the BBC:

The newspaper, which is Britain’s most popular mid-market newspaper, selling about 2.4 million copies a day, has traditionally been a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party…

He also accused the BBC of stifling debate and being against the conservative values held by millions of Britons.

“The BBC, which glories in being open-minded is, in fact, a closed thought-system, operating a kind of Orwellian newspeak.

“This, I would argue, is perverting political discourse, and disenfranchising countless millions, who don’t subscribe to the BBC’s world view,” said the Mail editor.

He said the BBC was part of a “subsidariat”, which he defined as the parts of the media which could not survive in the open market place.

This was dominated by the BBC “behemoth,” argued Mr Dacre, which was creating a “monoculture” and distorting Britain’s media market place.