Al Gore wins Oscar for best documentary; Update: "Thrilled"

Technically, he’s only been nominated. But … come on.

The competition’s pretty stiff this year, actually. There’s Gore, two movies about Iraq, one about sex abuse in the Catholic Church, and “Jesus Camp,” which does for evangelical Christians what “Jaws” did for sharks. Time was you could count on four Holocaust movies being nominated plus a gimme about starvation in Africa. But I guess the Academy’s moved on.

Eventually this category will be dominated by movies about Darfur, but probably not until another 500,000 or so people are dead.

Big day — and night — for global warming, though, huh?

To celebrate, I offer you this tender, unintentionally comic tribute to the Gorebot.

Update: Nominated for best song, too. No chance in that category.

Update: The Gorebot will attend the ceremony next month.