Video: CNN debunks Obama madrassa story; Update: Olby slams Insight ... despite having used it as a source himself

They sent a reporter to the school in Indonesia to confirm that it’s not a madrassa. Then they interviewed one of his classmates, who said it’s pretty much the same now as it was when they were enrolled. Not ironclad proof, but given how dubious the story was to begin with, pretty convincing.

Insight’s sticking by it, though:

Insight’s story was not thinly sourced. Our reporter’s sources close to the Clinton opposition research war room confirm the truth of the story. The Clinton camp’s denial has as much credibility as the “I never had sex with that woman” statement. But Kurtz ran with their statement as if it were credible. Moreover, the accusation that the story is flawed because it is based on unnamed sources is laughable. Most major investigative stories published in this city are based wholly or in part on anonymous sources. Just ask Bob Woodward. Many of The Post’s scoops against the Bush administration rely on anonymous sources…

The New Media—including Insight—is surging forward in readership, influence and clout (that’s why our story was picked up byFOX Newsand talk radio). We provide hard-hitting, well-sourced and aggressive reporting—just as serious and fearless journalists of old used to do. How alone are we, in today’s media conglomerate world? The Washington Post should ask itself, does it wish to have serious journalists aggressively following up on our ground-breaking story or does it wish to carry water and curry favor for ambitious and aggressive politicians, and attack its competition rather than report?

Read it all. “Kurtz” is Howard Kurtz, WaPo’s media critic, who went off on Insight in his column this morning (and whom Insight accuses of having made only a pro forma attempt to contact them before his piece ran). He shows up here, too, to provide background on the story; fast forward to 3:30 if you’re only interested in the part about the school.

They sure moved fast to shoot this down, didn’t they?

Update: Our pal John Gibson wasn’t impressed with CNN’s debunking. Johnny Dollar has audio.

Update: There’s no hypocrisy our friend the Olbermoron isn’t capable of. Johnny Dollar catches him laying into Insight tonight to the delight of his 11 viewers — even though he’s been happy to cite them as a credible media outlet in the past when they’ve written stories unfavorable to the GOP.