The obligatory "Hitchens reviews Steyn" post

Ninety percent of you will have already seen it at the boss’s site or LGF, but here it is for the rest. I like his ten-point plan for defeating Islamism (especially points 1 and 4), but I think he’s kidding himself when he imagines different ethnic strains of European Muslims emerging as checks on each other. “Look at the Middle East,” he’d reply — Sunnis versus Shiites, Arab nationalists versus religious fundamentalists, Saudis versus Iranians, Lebanese of every stripe against Lebanese of every other stripe. To which I reply, look at how those groups have found common cause in scapegoating Israel. Why should we believe that any Islamic community, given a choice between uniting with the French government, say, against their fellow Muslims or with their fellow Muslims against the French government would opt for the former — particularly when the demographic numbers favor the latter? Better to pull together like the Kurds and Shiites have done in Iraq to depose the common enemy and then resort to sectarian divvying up of the pie, no?

Read this for gloss. Not perfectly analogous to Europe’s predicament but not inapposite either.

Update: Ace favors point 8 of the Hitchens plan.

Update: Read this, too. It’s right on point.