Pro-life bloggers mark 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

This isn’t my issue, and even if it were, I lack the absolute moral authority to opine on it that comes with being possessed of female genitals. Fortunately, E.M. does not share my affliction. You’ll want to read all of this one, filled as it is with delicious snark about the Patriarchy and her formal declaration, delivered in the unmistakably “rational yet shrill” Zanotti voice, that this is now and should henceforth ever be known as … Blog Against Choice Day.

If conservatives had come up with the concept of abortion, it would be liberals who would be protesting it as necessarily racist, sexist, size-ist, discriminatory. Its statistics certainly bely its terrible roots–60% of women who have abortions are minorities. 60% of all abortions then, are likely minorities. Conventional wisdom would say that liberals have more abortions than conservatives. Liberals, then are being destroyed at a rate much higher than conservatives. One in four children conceived since 1973 has perished in an abortion–25%. If 25% of children were dying in any given third world country, Angelina Jolie would be crying on the steps of the UN and George Clooney would be begging for intervention. If 25% of any given generation were meeting its fate at the blade of a knife, they would be making documentaries, signing petitions and supporting passage of needless Congressional bills to save them. But because our society views abortion as a convenience and not as a destructive force, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Fienstein, among others, feel confident that they are not in complete contradiction for touting their own uteri as magical decision-making devices, and yet supporting the near-remorseless disappearance of perhaps 25% of the next generation of women, maybe more, since generally, 1% more girl babies are born than boy babies.

It seems that we are only adding to our own destruction by supporting abortion. Freedom of choice is exercised in many other ways. We choose whether or not to listen to those sex education classes and use the appropriate form of effective birth control. We choose whom we want to have sexual relationships with. We choose whether to have sexual relationships in the first place, and we have plenty of choices both before and after the fact that would prevent an “unplanned pregnancy” all choices of which are entirely accessible without a prescription and often, if you play your cards and decisions right, without costs. We have plenty of choices when it comes to our decisions as women to get pregnant, ending the life of another human being does not necessarily have to be one of them, and its not even the best choice in the field of choices.

That is why we, today, aren’t interested in blogging for Choice. We’re interested in making sure no one has to ever make the “choice” again, both because the choice isn’t really a choice at all, and that choice isn’t really beneficial to the society in which we live.

If that red meat didn’t fill you up, Vent alumnas Mary K and LaShawn Barber (who has a post up entitled “Baby Killing as a Civil Right”) will be participating in a Blogs for Life panel discussion at 3:35 ET. You can watch live over the web.

Update: Texas Rainmaker has a “grim milestone” assessment you won’t ever see from the AP.