Jamilgate: Eerie silence from E&P about Hot Air's Hurriya mosques report

I don’t get it. They’re interested in the story, aren’t they? For instance, when Marc Danziger reported on December 16th that he might have found Jamil Hussein at the Yarmouk police station, right where the AP had said he was, E&P wrote it up the very next morning — a Sunday, no less. They seemed pretty jazzed about it, too:

Allahpundit, posting at Malkin’s adjunct Hot Air blog, commented, “And what of the boss’s trip? Are she and Eason Jordan still going to be knocking on doors in Hurriya? So many questions!” The tag for the story on the Hot Air home page on Sunday read, “Anyone got any good recipes for crow?”

Then, on January 4th, when the AP story confirming Hussein’s existence broke, E&P had it even before we did. Again, garnished with a quote from yours truly:

Allahpundit, blogging at Hot Air, admitted, She and we were wrong about Jamil Hussein. Whether we’re wrong about the rest of it, too, we’ll see. Apologies, though, to the HA readers for having led you on a bit of a wild goose chase, however well founded and well intended our suspicions were.”

Today, they’ve got nothing. Nothing on the front page, no recent search results for the keywords “hurriya,” “malkin,” or “mosques,” despite the fact that it’s now been 32 hours and counting since Michelle’s column went live at the New York Post’s website and she wrote it up at her blog.

Go figure.

You’ll also be surprised to find, of the 60+ links to her blog post and the 60+ links to her Post column, not a single major nutroots blog among them.

Maybe we’ll see some movement tomorrow. It takes awhile for a story to filter through the lefty blogosphere, unless it suits their agenda in which case it filters through instantly. In the meantime, I’m going to work on a new quote for E&P. I don’t want to give it away, but it involves some combination of the words “hack,” “disingenuous,” “profession,” “disgrace,” and “Greg Mitchell.”