Video: Dan Riehl versus Mike Stark on "Reliable Sources"

Kurtz did a good job with the intro so I won’t bother with background. You might remember “guerrilla tactics” aficionado Stark from Campaign ’06, where he shoved his way past George Allen’s handlers to ask the senator if he’d ever spat on his ex-wife before being wrestled to the ground. He’s also “famous” for popping up behind Alan Colmes, live on the air at Ned Lamont campaign headquarters, with a sign reading, “Hannity Sucks Ass.” Which, let us admit, is funny, but tends to undermine the sincerity of his despair over America’s deteriorating political discourse. Click here for a screencap.

As you’ll see, Dan went right at him. Well done, sir. My only quibble is that Stark got away with suggesting that the attempted poisoning of Supreme Court justices (all nine, mind you, not just the liberals) was somehow inspired by Ann Coulter’s repulsive “joke” about poisoning Justice Stevens. It’s a lie and a smear, but as my least favorite left-wing blogger is wont to say, “That’s who they are and that’s what they do.”

Update: Dan has a post up about the segment and says he’s sorry he didn’t ask Stark if he’s sorry for never having spat on his wife.