Sadrists to Palestinians: Leave Iraq or we'll drill holes in your heads

Gee, you’d think Iran would object. Unless, like every other Muslim regime on the planet, they don’t give a wet shinola about Palestinians except to the extent they can demagogue their “suffering” at the hands of the diabolical Jew.

I’ll inch out onto the limb here and predict that you won’t see this mentioned at the next ANSWER rally.

[T]he Shia militias are stepping up their campaign to drive out Iraq’s 20,000 remaining Palestinians – half the estimated 40,000 living in the country at the start of the war, all of whom were welcomed by Saddam Hussein and provided with housing, money and free education…

Sheik Mahmoud El Hassani, a spokesman for the Mehdi Army, said the Palestinians had brought their suffering on themselves. He said Shias believed they were in league with Sunni extremists and al-Qaeda.

“We are sure that all the Palestinians in Iraq are involved in killing the Shia people and they have to pay the price now,” he said. “They lived off our blood under Saddam. We were hungry with no food and they were comfortable with full bellies. They should leave now, or they will have to pay.”

Kareem Zakia, 61, said his son, Yeha Ahmed, was kidnapped and killed in the Karada area of Baghdad two weeks ago. “The kidnappers called me and told me that they had taken my son because he came from Palestine and all the Palestinians support the Sunni terrorists. I found my son’s body the next day with many holes in his belly made by a drill.”

He ordered his two other sons to leave with his wife and two daughters, but neighbouring Jordan refused to allow them to cross the border – as it has with many Palestinians trying to flee Iraq.

Update: Turns out See-Dubya covered this story last month … at Hot Air.