On sale now: Star of David keffiyehs

They’ve been on sale for awhile, actually, but for some reason it’s just being reported now. I think the peg is the fact that Urban Outfitters was, until very recently, offering Palestinian suicide-bomb apparel as part of its “anti-war” line. Emphasis on “was”: the item has now been discontinued to the dismay of UO’s New York outlets, which claimed the keffiyeh was their top-selling scarf. I believe them.

Think they’ll carry this version?

“Generations afterward will walk around in the kafiyeh,” Mr. Haim said.

Unlike the black and white scarf favored by the late Mr. Arafat, or the red and white version common in Jordan, the Israeli kafiyeh features sky-blue coloring.

A closer inspection reveals the scarf pattern is actually miniature Stars of David, while border stripes mimic the stripes on the Israeli flag…

“If it was not already locally felt that the Israelis were overtaking all aspects of Palestinian life in order to erase it, chances are that this offensive version of the kafiyeh would not raise more than an eyebrow. Instead, a great deal of offense is being taken,” wrote the Palestinian National News service in a recent article on the Israeli kafiyeh.

But of course it is. One of the designers thinks the sight of Israelis in Arab garb will create a “common denominator” with their neighbors, which is true only insofar as it’ll make for an easier target for rock throwers.

Jewschool has a photo and ordering information. Hot.

Update: You can order it here.