Video: "This Real Muslim"; Update: Scene identified

Don’t let the thumbnail scare you. This is fiction. Boy, is it ever.

Anyone know where it’s from? It’s making the rounds on viral video sites, but when I google “this real muslim,” nothing turns up.

Update: Commenter Ropera says she thinks this is from the Turkish film “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq”, which would be staggeringly ironic if true. And it appears that it is. From the Wikipedia plot summary:

In a later scene, an execution of a Western journalist by Iraqi rebels is about to take place, but an esteemed-by-the-rebels sheikh prevents it and offers the journalist the opportunity to kill the rebel who was about to kill him—the rebel does not resist, but the journalist declines the offer.

What makes the scene ironic? The fact that “Valley of the Wolves” is a notoriously rancid piece of anti-American propaganda, which a quick click-and-skim of that last link will demonstrate. In particular, in a none too subtle update of a classic anti-semitic blood libel, it features Gary Busey as a Jewish-American doctor who harvests organs from injured Arabs. So there’s your “real Muslim” POV.