Venezuela set to let Chavez rule by decree for 18 months

He’s got important stuff he needs to do, like confiscating people’s businesses and repealing the presidential term-limits law.

Longtime HA readers may remember this old post about left-wing fascist enablers taking vacations in the socialist paradise to show solidarity with Chavez. Well, they’re still at it. Tons of money quotes at the link, but this passage is my favorite:

“The UK media is very disappointing, always a negative slant,” said Rod Finlayson, 62, a British union official who was thrilled by the nationalisations and cultural events. “Bach in the slums. Stuff you could only dream about.”

Dreaming, say some critics, is the problem. Instead of investigating complexities, such as the corruption and mismanagement undermining some social programs, visitors sleepwalk through government spin and never hear allegations that Venezuela’s oil bonanza is being wasted or that democracy is being smothered.

Mr Finlayson said his delegation ignored such voices because the goal was to express solidarity, not investigate. But the group did encounter some Chavez critics: walking through a wealthy district of Caracas, it was pelted with eggs.