"If our troops pull out my son will have died in vain"

You’ll never forget it.

One of the things that I have found hard to deal with is the people who have called me to pass their condolences then gone on to tell me that the war in Iraq is wrong and that we should pull the troops out.

Of course war is wrong, but they are also wrong: we should not pull the troops out. If we had pulled the troops out last week, my son would still be alive but that is not the right thing to do.

If you want to take them out, fine, no British soldiers will be killed, but who will go in? It’s as if the British public are saying ‘We know there are going to be deaths in that country to restore democracy but we don’t want our boys dying – send somebody else’s.’

But what do you do? Sit and watch our high definition televisions and not give a shit? If you say that, then what was my son’s life for. Then you are saying he died in vain…

I have written to the lads of Chindit Company who were serving with Al in the Old State Building in downtown Basra, as well as the medical staff who tried to save his life.

I can’t imagine the effect this has had on them. And they still have to go back out on to the streets of Iraq and face the same fate. I am proud of them, I know Al would have been, and the British public should be.

The Defense Ministry’s obituary of Kingsman Green is here.