Video: U.S. Attorney defends prosecution of Border Patrol agents

Nice job by O’R in trying to bring out the facts about this case. If he really was the full-bore populist demagogue Colbert paints him as, he’d be pounding the table with Tancredo and Rohrabacher about pardoning these guys post haste. Instead, he invited Johnny Sutton on to explain the facts. Well done. And well done as well by my pal Counselor Frey, who appears to have caught Deb Saunders bowdlerizing a quote to make it fit her argument.

The president told reporters today that he’s open to a pardon, but he seems lukewarm to the idea. As well he should be.

Bush said, “There’s a process for pardons. It’s got to work its way through a system here in the government. I just want people to take a sober look at the case.”

Bush said a White House review will take place. “People need to take a tough look at the facts, the evidence a jury looked at, as well as (the) judge. And I will do the same thing,” Bush said.

Here’s what he’ll learn when he does.

Across the dial, while O’R was covering this, a real demagogue was busy doing some bowdlerizing of his own. His victim? Simon Cowell, if you can believe it.

Update: Patterico considers the defense’s arguments.