Video: Moderate Muslims debate radical Muslims at Trinity College

I can’t decide who’s more ridiculous: the dopey college kids having themselves a postmodern larf at this jihadist filthbag telling them he wants to drink their blood or the filthbag himself — whom, I trust, you recognize — for demonstrating he’s a badass O.G. jihadi by showing up to a veddy civilized debate at Oscar Wilde’s alma mater.

The clip’s short so you’re advised to read the accompanying article, too. Takeaway: “Qadir is trying to get mosque leaders, many still practicing the tribal traditions of Pakistan, to communicate with the younger generation. But he says it is an uphill battle when radicals like Choudary dominate the debate, getting their faces — and their message — out in the public.”

On a not-at-all-related note, Islamic “community leaders” in the U.S. are complaining about “24” portraying terrorists as — wait for it — Muslims.

Click the image to watch.