Video: Tancredo calls on Bush to pardon convicted Border Patrol agents; Update: Patterico defends prosecution

He’ll do it, too. He’ll sign the pardons on the very same day that he signs the Comprehensive Amnesty Act of 2007. That’ll be the spoonful of sugar fed to chumps like you and me to make the medicine go down a bit smoother.

The agents turned themselves in today to begin serving their prison sentences. The case has drawn enough heat that the U.S. Attorney who convicted them prepared a fact sheet reciting, and then debunking, the various myths surrounding it. That won’t satisfy everyone, but I found it useful.

O’Reilly also pressed Tanc on his presidential bid. An early frontrunner to be his veep: the little man who lives in his brain and whispers to him about the North American Union.

Update: Antagonized by Hot Air commenters, Patterico reads the fact sheet and wants to know: what’s the big deal?