The obligatory "Carter wanted leniency for a Nazi" post

I saw it this morning and thought it was stupid, then Drudge picked it up and now people are sending us the link. So, fine. Here you go.

Does anyone seriously believe Jimmy Carter is pro-Nazi, or at least so anti-Israel that he’d go to bat for an SS guard for political reasons? Soft-hearted, reactionary left-wing dork who views the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through a simplistic colonialist prism? Yes. Nazi sympathizer? No.

But I’m sure most of our readers will disagree. The money passage:

An entry in the book for October 10, 1943 registered the shooting death of Max Oschorn, a French Jewish prisoner. His murderer was also recorded: SS guard Martin Bartesch. “It was a most chilling document,” Sher recalled…

“One day, in the fall of ’87, my secretary walks in and gives me a letter with a Georgia return address reading ‘Jimmy Carter.’ I assumed it was a prank from some old college buddies, but it wasn’t. It was the original copy of the letter Bartesch’s daughter sent to Carter, after Bartash [sic] had already been deported…

“On the upper corner of the letter was a note signed by Jimmy Carter saying that in cases such as this, he wanted ‘special consideration for the family for humanitarian reasons.’

“I didn’t respond to the letter – the case was already over and he was out of the country – but it always stuck in my craw. A former president who didn’t do what I would expect him to do – with a full staff at his disposal – to find out the facts before he took up the side of this person. But I wasn’t going to pick a fight with a former president. We had enough on our plate.”

Flame on!

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