Report: Castro's life endangered by ... shoddy Cuban health care

The irony, so sweet. So syrupy sweet.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has long prided himself on Cuba’s doctors and free public health care system, but that system seems to have let him down after he fell ill in July , U.S.-based doctors said on Tuesday.

Based on a report in Tuesday’s edition of Spain’s El Pais newspaper, the doctors — who have no first-hand knowledge of Castro’s condition — said Castro had received questionable or even botched care at the hands of health experts on his communist-ruled island…

Gerson and Dr. Meyer Solny, a veteran gastrointestinal expert at New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Weill Cornell College of Medicine, said Castro’s doctors erred by seeking to avoid a colostomy — or opening in the abdomen to get rid of stool — after an initial operation to remove part of his large intestine.

“They took a chance, which was probably not the best judgment under the circumstances,” Gerson said.

Quoth Gerson: “Too bad they didn’t send him to Miami for surgery.”