Jihadi warriors heroically car-bomb college students, killing 65

They were occupiers. They were occupying the bus stop.

A car bomb and a suicide bomber killed 60 people and wounded 110, including many students blown up as they waited at the entrance to a university in Baghdad on Tuesday, police said…

A police source said a car bomb exploded near the main gate of the Mustansiriya University in an area where students, many of them women, wait for minibuses and cars to pick them up to go home. A suicide bomber on foot then blew himself up near a second gate to the campus as people fled the first explosion.

“The majority of those killed are female students who were on their way home,” a university official said as rescue crews picked through smoldering wreckage and human remains.

The U.N. has released its own numbers of Iraqis killed last year. They’re significantly lower than the Lancet survey estimates — and significantly higher than the Iraqi government’s figures.

Meanwhile, in the relatively peaceful Shiite south, Iran’s quietly building itself a colony.

Iranian intelligence is preparing for complete dominance of southern Iraq when the British withdraw by penetrating Basra’s security network and political parties, it can be revealed.

Iraqi intelligence sources disclosed to The Daily Telegraph that Iran plans to reap the huge financial rewards presented by the southern oil fields and prevent Western businesses from gaining a foothold inside Basra…

The ammunition and weapons used to kill and maim British troops have almost certainly crossed the border from Iran 10 miles outside the city and gone straight into the hands of terrorists…

Iraq’s most senior politicians have no doubts about the ambitions of their eastern neighbour. Speaking during an official visit to London, Tariq al-Hashemi, Iraq’s vice-president, accused Iran of “playing a disastrous role in our internal affairs”. “We have plenty of evidence that Iran is becoming, unfortunately, the main player in Iraq. They do have a deep influence on everything in Iraq. Wherever you go in Iraq, you see their fingerprints on everything.”

Bush’s speech didn’t change many minds, either.



Update: There are so many injuries from today’s attack, the local hospitals are appealing on television for blood donations.