Abu Ghraib art exhibit to open in Berkeley later this month; Update: Explosion of British anti-war art

On January 29th. It’ll showcase 50 paintings by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, who took a hard look at Iraq two years ago and decided that of the various bombings, beheadings, and barbarities happening daily inside the country, what really horrified him was rogue GIs assembling Iraqis into naked pyramids. Entirely predictable, and entirely predictable that it’d create a stir.

His mission? To make sure no one forgets this little-covered, little-remembered event.

Botero said his intent is to emblazon the images upon the consciousness of the world.

“No one would have ever remembered the horrors of Guernica if not for the painting,” said Botero, referring to Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece “Guernica,” which depicts the aerial bombardment of civilians during the Spanish Civil War. [By Nazis, lest you miss the analogy. — ed.]

I dabble in war art myself. Here’s one I call “Occupation.”

“Chimperor/Hands Off Iran.”

And my masterpiece, “Halliburton.”

Update: The Royal Shakespeare Company, among others, wants in on the fun. “Much Ado About Nothing” as a commentary on … Iraq?