Video: Duke suspects' parents go nuclear on Nifong

From last night’s “60 Minutes.” The women on the couch are Reade Seligmann’s mother and, to her right, Colin Finnerty’s. Standing in the back and providing most of the ordnance is the mother of David Evans. The rest is self-explanatory, although the detail about the accuser having used anti-psychotic medication in the past was news to me, at least.

Can it get worse? Friends, it can:

In the first weeks of the Duke lacrosse case, Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong continued to disparage lacrosse players in public after a defense attorney had put him on notice that he was violating ethical rules governing the conduct of lawyers…

“I do not understand why you will reportedly speak to the media in such certain, condemning terms before all the evidence is in, but you will not have the courtesy to meet or even speak with a representative of someone you have publicly condemned, despite your knowledge of the presumption of innocence and your position as an officer of the court bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct related to pre-trial publicity[,” wrote defense attorney Joseph B. Cheshire on March 30.]

The letter makes it more difficult for Nifong to argue that his remarks were off-the-cuff, said Thomas Metzloff, who teaches legal ethics at Duke Law School…

“The reason that I took this case is because this case says something about Durham that I’m not going to let be said,” Nifong said at an election forum on April 12. “I’m not going to allow Durham’s view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players at Duke raping a black girl from Durham.”

It was, you see, a teachable moment. Much like, say, a civil suit or disbarment proceedings might be.

Note: the clip has been heavily edited.

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