Saudis to ban letter "X" because it resembles a cross?

So says the New York Sun. The article’s already creeping up the charts at Memeorandum.

I had a yellow-badges flashback when I read it so I googled around to see if it’s true. And it is, I guess: the subject of the piece, Amr Mohammad al-Faisal, wrote about the incident for the Arab News…

…more than three years ago, which tends to undercut the Sun’s assertion that this is a “new development.” Also, does the name “al-Faisal” ring any bells? Turns out our friend Amr is no ordinary Saudi; he’s a prince. If he really cared about the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice overreacting to Christian symbolism, surely he could do more to try to rein them in than whine in the pages of the regime’s favorite English-language house organ.

Oh — he’s also been known to threaten Israel in print, so don’t cry too hard for him over that trademark application.