INDC in Iraq: Vigilante justice in Fallujah

I can understand why someone would enlist in the Iraqi army and I can sort of understand why someone would become an insurgent, but I can’t understand why anyone would become an Iraqi policeman. They’re prime targets, they live among the people who want to kill them, and they don’t bring all that much firepower to the fight. They’re on de facto suicide missions.

INDC Bill spoke to one IP named Mohammed about the battle for the city and the Iraqi police’s role in it. Two quotes, then you’re on your own. One:

He then told me that a secret war is going on in Fallujah. That citizens, fed up with the insurgency, are tracking down insurgents and killing them. These vigilantes then blame the killing on other insurgent groups, to try and get the splintered mass of terrorists to start killing each other.

And two:

Mohammed: “I think we need the Americans. If they go out right now it’s gonna be a disaster. And believe me, even if they get out of Fallujah, Washington itself will be a target.”

Hop to it.

Meanwhile, in Baghdad, senior Iraqi officials tell Reuters they’ve got six months to bring the city under control before America abandons them. “If this plan fails other options will be weighed, among them the United Nations coming in to run Iraq with a government of national salvation.”