Breaking: State AG accepts Nifong's request to take over Duke case

He railroaded the Duke kids just long enough to get elected D.A., then handed the matter off before it blew up in his face. Still to come: a wrist slap from the state bar and dismissal of all charges by the Attorney General.

Two words: civil suit.


Update: Oh, the pathos.

Nifong met with the accuser in his office on Thursday. During that conversation Nifong told the accuser of his decision to recuse himself.

“He wanted to tell her his decision first,” Freedman [i.e., Nifong’s lawyer] said. “He is very loyal to her, and he didn’t want her to hear about this through the media.”

Nifong, a career prosecutor for nearly 30 years, was “devastated” by having to prosecute the Duke case, his lawyer said.

“It’s devastating to him,” Freedman said. “He cherishes his reputation as an ethical attorney and prosecutor.”

Update: The Times tries to solve a puzzle: how can Nifong have behaved without integrity when he was a conscientious objector during Vietnam?