Video: Paula Abdul, hammered

I was thinking of writing about the Democrats’ earmark debacle in the Senate and the irresistible, gloating headline on Jim DeMint’s press release about it. But it’s Friday night. Time to unwind. Time to dispense with the serious stuff for awhile and crack open a beer.

Or 12 beers, followed by a live televised interview. Like our pal Paula here apparently did.

Update: Paula’s spokesman, spinning like Kobe taking it to the rim:

“She was exhausted. This was at the end of three days of press (interviews and appearances), and she has had cameras following her around for a reality TV show too,” said Ballard, referring to a new documentary series about the star’s life…

“She never drinks. I have known Paula Abdul since she was 13, and I have never seen her drink ever in my life. … And no, she is not on any kind of medication,” he said. “She was a little tired.”