Video: Olbermann's special comment -- the condensed version

He’s doing these at a clip of about two a week now so we’ve given up posting them all. Iraqslogger found this latest one particularly dreamy, though, so I thought I’d do something nice for our lefty readers for a change and edit the clip down to its barest essentials. This is, after all, nutroots porn, and no one who’s waiting for release likes having to sit through long stretches of exposition. So here you go: the Edward R. Murrow of our generation (self-styled, per his signoff), minus his O’Reilly mask and Nazi salute, delivering money shot after money shot of Kossack memes to the glassy-eyed gratification of his eleven viewers. Note the Orwell reference, too. Keith’s an intellectual and he wants you to know it, not just because he’s an egomaniac but so that you’ll know you can trust him the next time he suggests the Nazis were basically Fox News hosts with guns.

I like to think of him as the anti-Iyad Jamal al-Din.

Thanks to Olby Watch for doing their typical bang-up job. The one thing you don’t get from this is how self-consciously performed his “outrage” is, a characteristic common to all demagogues, even ones as tinpot as Olby. Read Johnny Dollar’s transcript and his snarky margin notes about the dramatic PIVOTs! and camera cuts to see what I mean. It’s commentary as vaudeville.