Ford on Carter: "Certainly the poorest president in my lifetime"

Another round of interviews granted on the condition that they not be published until after his death, as part of his grand initiative to posthumously kneecap every major figure on the American political landscape.

Born: 1913. Died: 2006. Number of presidents in his lifetime, not counting himself: 15, including Harding and Hoover. Granted, he made the statement in 1981 and softened his tone considerably in his dotage, but does anyone think Clinton or Republicans Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II went on to replace Jimbo in Ford’s cellar? If he’d told a reporter the Bushitler was the worst, does anyone doubt we’d have read about it on page 1 of the Times the morning after he died?

Mrs. Ford didn’t raise no dummy:

In 1981, Ford said: “I think Jimmy Carter would be very close to Warren G. Harding. I feel very strongly that Jimmy Carter was a disaster, particularly domestically and economically. I have said more than once that he was certainly the poorest president in my lifetime.”

But two years later, he praised Carter’s performance on the Panama Canal treaty, China and the Middle East. And in 1998, he said Carter “will be looked on as a better president than some comments we hear today.”

“He was a very decent, fine individual,” Ford told the paper. “There were no major mistakes. There just weren’t a lot of exciting results.”

Those last remarks came after years of friendship. If I got to be friends with Kos, I’m sure I’d move from calling his site Douche Central to a place where there “just weren’t a lot of exciting results.” But I’d be pulling my punches, wouldn’t I?

Ford also had some mildly unflattering things to say about Reagan, among other people.