Duke prof resigns committee posts over defendants' return to campus; Update: Nifong asks to be recused (Bumped)

Innocent until proven guilty, unless you’re a cog in the patriarchy’s institutionalized frat-boy rape machine.

“The decision by the university to readmit the students, especially just before a critical judicial decision on the case, is a clear use of corporate power, and a breach, I think, of ethical citizenship,” Karla Holloway, an English professor and former dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, wrote to Duke’s black faculty caucus.

“Despite our judgments about the prosecutor’s own lack of principled conduct, it is not ours to become the judge or subvert the process,” she wrote…

Holloway was one of 88 faculty members at Duke who endorsed an ad last April in the campus newspaper that included anonymous quotes from students discussing racism and sexual assault on Duke’s campus. She said she receives angry, racist e-mails attacking her for being among the school’s critics.

We must not judge by adjudging them presumptively not guilty. Citing Stanley Crouch, Ace says Nifong’s in too deep now to do anything but take this to trial and hope that Karla Holloway ends up on the jury. He’ll never get past the directed verdict, buddy.

Update: Philip Moore on men’s uphill battle at TheThink.

Update: Durham Wonderland has the goods on Holloway. She’s a cartoon character.

Update: It’s big enough news to warrant its own thread, but there isn’t much to say except it’s about time. And that “60 Minutes” segment must really be something.

A late Friday afternoon announcement, too. The announcement that he was dropping the rape charges came on a Friday afternoon as well — the Friday right before Christmas weekend. Rat.

Update: Fred Thompson — yes, that Fred Thompson — unloads on Nifong. Click the crusty yet loveable prosecutor turned politico turned actor turned senator turned fake prosecutor to listen.


Update: Fox is reporting that Nifong met with the accuser yesterday — and served her with a subpoena compelling her to testify on February 5th. Was she … refusing to otherwise?