Breaking: Explosion at U.S. embassy in Athens; Update: Rocket, "terrorism"

Originating from inside the complex. No information yet as to what caused it, but “whatever caused the explosion damaged the official embassy sign outside the mission.”

Stand by.

Update: No injuries reported yet. It happened at a little before 6 a.m. local time. The Beeb reports a “mass of emergency vehicles” outside.

Update: Sounds like it was either an accident or a grenade.

The senior police official did not say whether the explosion was set off inside the compound or whether something might have been thrown into the embassy grounds…

The tightly guarded building is surrounded by a 3-meter (9-feet)-high steel fence. Guards are posted at every entrance and at street corners around it…

Local residents called in to state television saying they had felt the explosion, which shattered some windows.

Update: It doesn’t sound too terribly bad, thank god:

“Police have cut off all traffic. I am standing right here but there does not seem to be any damage. Greece’s anti-terror squad are now investigating inside the embassy,” a U.S. embassy employee at the scene told Reuters.

Update: Greek police initially said it happened on the third floor. Now they’re saying it came from outside.

Update: Via Arutz Sheva (which isn’t the most reputable news source), Voice of Israel is reporting that it was a rocket-propelled grenade.

Update: There’s a teaser up at MSNBC — “Police: Blast at U.S. Embassy was an attack.” The State Department says there are no casualties.

Update: According to an eyewitness, “The explosion sounded in the courtyard, then a fire broke out over the central entrance, where the emblem is situated.” Sky News quotes police as saying it was a rocket or bomb. At 6 in the morning?

Update: One cop calls it a “shell” and says it was fired from street level. Greek counterterror officials tell CNN it was, indeed, an RPG. Reuters says it landed in a restroom on the third floor.

Update: The launcher has been at a nearby construction site.

Update: Greek police have received phone calls claiming responsibility on behalf of the Marxist group Revolutionary Struggle.