Video: The last decent man in Iraq

It’s Iyad Jamal al-Din. He’s a secularist Shiite MP. He pops up from time to time on MEMRI dressed like a Sadrist but displaying the most astonishingly incongruous good sense and decency you’ll ever see on Arab television. Sample:

I believe my freedom as a Shiite and as a religious person will never be complete unless I preserve the freedom of the Sunni, the Christian, the Jew, the Sabai, or the Yazidi. We will not be able to preserve the freedom of the mosque unless we preserve the freedom of entertainment clubs.

Take a tour of his four previous clips; they all run along those lines. The transcripts are only a few paragraphs, but this is the can’t-miss. He’s the type of guy we thought we’d be seeing en masse once Saddam was deposed. That was the biggest mistake.

I hope there’s an American citizenship card reserved somewhere for him in case things go pop and he’s forced to leave. Assuming, of course, that they don’t cut his head off first. Which they probably will.

Click the image to watch.


Update: Meanwhile, in the West Bank, the residents of Jenin have renamed the town square after Saddam. In some places in India, the local religion-of-peace practitioners have gone considerably further than that.

Update: Debbie Schlussel notes in the comments that he’s not dressed like a Sadrist, just a typical Shiite imam.