Video: Aussie rape mufti defends rapists, rips Australia on Egyptian TV

It must be another “misunderstanding,” like with his comments about 9/11 or suicide bombers or the Holocaust or the “meat” we call women occasionally deserving what they get when they don’t cover up.

He’s got quite a knack for saying things he didn’t say.

Remember the last interview? That one was for Australian TV.

RAY MARTIN: … Do you feel Australian?

SHEIK ALHILALI: Of course, I love it. In my speeches all the time, love Australia or leave it…

RAY MARTIN: You said to me that you love Australia. It’s in your heart.

SHEIK ALHILALI: Of course. One hundred percent.

RAY MARTIN: Are you a Muslim first or Australian first?

SHEIK ALHILALI: I’m Muslim first everywhere. Muslim before any nationality. But I’m Australian Muslim. I’m Australian Muslim.

Here’s how an Australian Muslim sounds when the Australian kaffir aren’t around to hear him. Note the revisionist irredentism about who was there first, too. To paraphrase that liberal bumper sticker about the Middle East and oil, how did their people get on his land?

You’ll probably need to use IE to view the clip. Do so. It’s worth it. FYI, Andrew Bolt’s warning about “Cronulla times ten” is a reference to this.


Update: Australian Muslim Irfan Yusuf says Hilaly must go.

Hilaly was appointed to the position of mufti by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), an umbrella body representing the management bodies of a section of Australia’s mosques.

AFIC is currently managed by a court-appointed administrator whose term expires in a month or so. If the outcry from grassroots Muslims (especially women) to last year’s comments is anything to go by, the next AFIC administration can expect a tsunami of pressure from ordinary Muslims to sack Hilaly or declare his position redundant…

If AFIC is to be truly representative and responsible, it must act swiftly to remove Sheik Hilaly from his position. Having an elderly non-English speaking mufti representing a community of overwhelmingly young English-speakers is hardly a recipe for good community relations.

Update: You want assimilation, you got it. Via Phin of Agent Bedhead, behold … the burqini.

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David Strom 6:31 PM on October 05, 2022