U.S. troops raid Iranian consulate in Iraq, traumatize left-wing bloggers

I’m pretty sure emotional injuries are actionable under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Appearing for the plaintiffs: elite snowtrooper and Bronze Star winner Capt. Rick Greenwald Ellensburg, who, per Greg Tinti, wonders if it isn’t a “definitive act of war” to go around seizing other countries’ diplomatic redoubts.

Why, yes it is, replies Moran, shivering from the irony.

Mazel tov!

A resident living near the mission said the foreign force used stun bombs in the raid and brought down an Iranian flag that was on the roof of the two-story yellow house. As the operation went on, two helicopters flew overhead, said the resident on condition of anonymity because he feared retribution.

“They took five Iranians with them and at about 7 in the morning they handed over the house to Kurdish peshmergas,” he said.

The Pentagon denies the building was a consulate. Even if it wasn’t, Iranian terrorists act on behalf of the regime. They’re all reclaimable as immunized “diplomats” if their government wants them back.

Capt. Ellensburg fears that this is the opening shot in the Chimperor’s next military adventure, i.e., an attack on Iran. There certainly are signs pointing that way and none of them are encouraging, although for sheer despair, this one takes the cake. An army that fought Israel to a stalemate versus the most inept arm of the U.S. security apparatus? What could go wrong?

Condi told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today that we can’t negotiate with Iran lest they demand nuclear weapons as the price of their “cooperation.” Which leaves us with three options: 1) weak sanctions, 2) a bombing run, 3) hoping that Allah takes matters into his own hands.

Exit question: Why has Iran’s nuclear program apparently stalled?

Second exit question: What in the hell is this all about?

Update: Ace says viva la insurgency!