Open mic catches Condi saying how much she loves "my Fox guys"

It’s not her praise for Fox that’ll excite the excitables. It’s the pronoun.

Story by Reuters but I’m using the CNN link. Just because.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice let slip her news media preferences Thursday, saying, “I love every single one” of Fox News network’s correspondents and also favors CBS anchor Harry Smith.

In comments overheard on an open microphone between morning television interviews, including one with Fox, the top U.S. diplomat said: “My Fox guys, I love every single one of them.”

Spruiell thinks it’s funny how mics keep “accidentally” getting left on around Bush and Condi, followed by the recordings “accidentally” making their way into the media. Not ha-ha funny, like a clown. The other kind of funny.

The ha-ha funny part is the fact that she names Harry Smith as her other fave. Harry Smith? Newsbusters’s perpetual whipping boy?