Video: Lid blown off Tiggergate!

In the near future, there’ll only be five types of videos on YouTube.

1. Soccer highlights.
2. Clips from the Daily Show and Colbert Report.
3. Embarrassing footage of politicians uploaded by their opponents.
4. Cheesecake of Japanese gravure idols and race queens.
5. Conspiracy theories.

Here’s one from category 5. Bombshell.

Update: He’s onto something.

Union representative Donna Lyne Dalton said it was the teenager who was agitating the character, and she said it is clear from the videotape that the boy’s parents were telling him not to get so close to Tigger.

The Teamsters represent Disney characters and other hourly employees at Walt Disney World. Dalton said Michael J. Fedelem, who plays Tigger, said the teen grabbed him from the back of his costume, cutting off the air to him.

Fedelem said because of limited peripheral vision from the headpiece, he didn’t realize when he swatted over with his arm, he didn’t realize he was hitting the teen.

The family’s lawyer says Tigger was tired and cranky and signalling that he wanted to leave, and that’s when he popped junior in his eye.