Mother Sheehan ignores pleas to visit imprisoned Cuban dissidents

No surprise given her dream of living in the Chavista paradise. Although we should be fair and acknowledge that St. Cindy’s politics have always been highly nuanced.

To paraphrase InstaGlenn, they’re not anti-oppression, they’re just on the other side.

The leader of Ms. Sheehan’s trip, Medea Benjamin, said the American activists had not seen the letter [from the dissidents’ wives] and that they would be focusing solely on Guantanamo.

“It just so happens that this is where the [Guantanamo] prisoners are,” Ms. Benjamin said. That the group is visiting Cuba, where prisons define daily life for many, is “very incidental,” she added…

Ms. Sheehan visited Guantanamo yesterday and planned to peer into the American prison from a watchtower on Cuban-owned land using a telescope.


Update: “Fatherland. Socialism or death – I swear it.”