John Hawkins unloads on North American Union Truthers

With polite, appropriate derision.

Yesterday, Jerome Corsi was prattling on about the North American Union again after Michael Medved deservedly spanked him for spreading conspiracy theories. While I don’t think Corsi is any more worthy of being taken seriously than those who think Jews rule the world or the “Truthers” who think President Bush is responsible for 9/11, I thought I would respond to him one last time…

That’s why conspiracy theorists love to try to bog people down in minutiae. Sure, lots of people saw planes hit the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, but let’s ignore that and talk about the temperature that steel melts at and the size of the hole in the building at the Pentagon. That’s how they trick people in missing the big picture. With the North American Union conspiracy theory, nobody ever talks about how this could practically be brought about when it would be almost universally opposed by the American people and would likely require a Constitutional Convention to pull off. Presumably, people like Jerome Corsi believe that there will just be a press conference one day announcing the changeover to an Amero and introducing us to our new Canadian and Mexican overlords—actually, these conspiracy theorists never really think that far ahead and they hope that you don’t either. They don’t want you to consider that there have been no leaks from the Bush Administration about this conspiracy even though thousands of people would have to know about it, that the mainstream media, which would love nothing better than to beat Bush over the head with something like this if it existed, isn’t discussing this issue, that the citizens of Canada and Mexico wouldn’t go along with a NAU — you could go on and on. The reality is that even if Bush were a diabolical mastermind who wanted to dump the dollar and form a North American Union, he doesn’t have the authority to do it without the consent of Congress and without it passing muster at the Supreme Court, neither of which would happen.

Among the high-profile proponents of the theory whom he calls out by name are Corsi, Lou Dobbs, Phyllis Schlafly, Joseph Farah, and … that’s it.

Forgetting anyone, Hawk? Any other outspoken, anti-illegal figures conspicuously omitted from that list?

Must be my imagination.