Euphoric Reality: National Guard was confronted by uniformed Mexican force

I’m loath to trust blog exclusives nowadays, but Heidi claims she’s got National Guard and Border Patrol sources telling her that last week’s border standoff involved a Mexican military or paramilitary force carrying AK-47s, wearing uniforms flak jackets, and advancing in a tactical formation. She says the Guard didn’t retreat but merely withdrew to a more strategically advantageous position. Hmmm:

When the Mexican unit came within approximately 100 yards of the EIT site [i.e., National Guard observation base — ed.], the Guardsmen repositioned themselves in order to maintain surveillance and tactical advantage. They observed the Mexican unit sweep through the EIT site, and then rapidly withdraw back into Mexico. No shots were fired by either the Mexican gunmen or the Guardsmen. Border Patrol was on the scene within minutes of the Mexican unit’s withdrawal.

The two sides allegedly never got closer than 100 yards.

Follow the link to find out who she thinks the Mexicans were.

Update: Relax, says Dan Riehl. We might be talking about as few as four men. And they might have had a very good reason for being there.