Black conservatives unload on Barney Frank for Katrina comments

They’re not “really” black, though, of course. I’m excited to see what the left will whip up by way of photoshops for this one. Niger Innis as a lawn jockey? A screencap from “Amos ‘n Andy” with his and Mychal Massie’s faces ‘shopped in?

The possibilities are endless.

“His remarks are contemptuous of real struggles black people have gone through in this country and contemptuous of genocide and real ethnic cleansing that has taken place and is taking place,” Niger Innis, spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, told Cybercast News Service…

Had a Republican made a similar inflammatory statement, “it would have been on the front page of the New York Times, it would be Keith Olbermann’s latest outrage, and Katie Couric would do a special segment on it,” said Innis.

More attention should be shed on the statements, said Mychal Massie, national chairman for Project 21. The fact that Frank made such comments shows the black community in a demeaning light…

“Mr. Frank’s comments were intended for one reason and one reason alone. That is to incite more racial animus, more racial divisions and more racial fatigue directed at the current administration,” he added.

What did Frank’s spokesman, Steve Adamske, have to say about all this?

“I don’t write his speeches and talking points. Those are his own words,” Adamske said. “What he finds inflammatory is a policy that we are leaving people out of their homes. The conservative bloggers who are mischaracterizing his statements are equally offensive.”

Here’s Bryan’s post about Frank’s comment. Scroll down for the update in which a spokesman from Frank’s office reiterates that they stand by the use of the term “ethnic cleansing.” That spokesman? Why, Steve Adamske, of course.