Yet another Saddam death video hits the Internet

I hate when Rusty scoops me. Two things: First, that black cloth they put around his neck to prevent the rope from cutting him obviously didn’t work. And second, if you thought the Sunnis were grouchy before, wait until this starts showing up on their message boards.

Is there any part of this process that the Shiites didn’t record? How long before we see video of witnesses posing next to the body with their pants off?

The clip is short but gruesome so here’s your official content warning. Pass on it if you’re squeamish.

Update: Newsweek wonders why, oh why, the enemy is winning the infowar, particularly when all they offer is video of bombings, beheadings, and brutality. Partial answer: because bombings, beheadings, and brutality appeal to their audience.

What the insurgents understand better than the Americans is how Iraqis consume information. Tapes of beheadings are stored on cell phones along with baby pictures and wedding videos. Popular Arab satellite channels like Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya air far more graphic images than are typically seen on U.S. TV—leaving the impression, say U.S. military officials, that America is on the run. At the extreme is the Zawra channel, run by former Sunni parliamentarian Mishan Jibouri, who fled to Syria last year after being accused of corruption. (Jibouri says he’s being persecuted for political reasons, and can return to Iraq whenever he wants.) Since November the channel has been spewing out an unending series of videos showing American soldiers being killed in sniper and IED attacks. The clips are accompanied by commentary, often in English, admonishing Iraqis to “focus your utmost rage against the occupation.” Among Sunnis and even some Shiites, Zawra has become one of the most popular stations in Iraq. “I get e-mails from girls in their 20s from Arab countries; some of them are very wealthy,” Jibouri boasts. “Some offer to work for free, some offer money.”

The latest trend in jihadist propaganda? Blogging, of course.