Alive: Iran's supreme leader makes public appearance in Tehran

A little sweaty but otherwise none the worse for wear. Beware Iranian dissidents bearing good news — or bad news. Unless it’s nuclear in nature.

The purpose of his appearance, by the way? To order the government to defy the UN sanctions and press ahead with uranium enrichment.


More photos at Fars and Mehr: pages 1, 2, and 3.

Update: Maybe Pajamas’s source meant to say “cold,” not cancer.

An Iranian photographer said Khamenei coughed a few times during his speech, a part of which was broadcast on state television.

“He appeared to be healthy. He only coughed a few times,” photographer Saman Aghvami told The Associated Press.

A close-up photo showed perspiration on Khamenei’s forehead.

He also appeared to have lost weight since he was seen in public in October and November.

Update: Not exactly a credible source itself, Debka says Khamenei did in fact have a cerebral stroke on January 3 and his health is precarious.