Gas passing in New York City

The cable news networks are all covering it so I guess I need to toss up a post. There’s a major gas leak somewhere in Manhattan, the smell is detectable from the southern tip of the island to midtown and across the river in Jersey City. Some office buildings are being evacuated and 911 is being inundated. On Fox, E.D. Hill says the smell is “overwhelming” in some parts of their offices.

No sign of terrorism, etc etc. Bloomberg’s holding a news conference soon; you can watch live over the web here.

Update: CNN says the NYPD sees no evident gas leak, but the Jersey City mayor’s office said they were told it’s coming from a leak in Chelsea.

Update: There was a small gas leak, says Bloomberg, but nothing that would have generated a smell like this. He doesn’t know what’s causing it yet but speculates that there may be a spill of mercaptan, the odorant added to natural gas to make it smell.