Zawahiri getting a wee bit anxious about Somalia; Update: U.S. passports found on Somali jihadis

We’re not the only ones worried about manpower and defeatism. It’s all couched in jihadi bravado about patience and the inevitability of victory, of course, but the remnants of the mujahedeen army are dug in by the coast with Ethiopians in front of them and the U.S. Navy at their back and a final assault on the way. Where, wonders the good doctor, is the cavalry?

I also appeal to my Muslim brethren everywhere to respond to the call for jihad in Somalia. I appeal to the lions of Islam in Yemen, the state of faith and wisdom, I appeal to my brothers the lions of Islam in the Arab Peninsula, the cradle of conquests, and I also appeal to my brothers the lions of Islam in Egypt, Sudan, the Arab Maghreb, and everywhere in the Muslim world to rise up to aid their Muslim brethren in Somalia through offering sacrifices, money, opinion, and expertise so as to defeat the slaves of America that it sends to death on its behalf…

I urge them not to listen to any defeatist calls that would prevent them from taking part in supporting their brothers who are being attacked. I call on my brothers, the young men of the Islamic groups, to keep in mind that they only joined these groups so that such groups could help them obey God.

He’s been talking like this for weeks. “What religion is this? What morality is this? What honor is this? Rather, what collapse is this?”

The Somali government suspects 3,000 or so jihadis are lying low in Mogadishu as we speak, ready in Zawahiri’s words to “employ ambushes, mines, raids, and martyrdom-seeking campaigns” against the Ethiopian army. Or, you know, eight-year-old Somalian schoolgirls. Whichever target’s more convenient.

Thanks to Howie the Jawa for the Centcom link.

Update: I sure hope these are forged.