Video: U.S. military future tech showcase

Last night’s post about the awesome materiel being cooked up by the Pentagon dream factory drew an e-mail pointing me to this website, thereby unleashing heretofore inconceivable levels of awesomeness.

Click through a few of the items in the left sidebar. Are you prepared for the Intelligent Munitions System? Or the Armed Robotic Vehicle? No, my friends, you are not. Nor are you prepared for the demonstration video I’m about to show you, which is so awesomely awesome that I’m actually going to give you a content warning on it. Proceed no further if you’re pregnant, have a heart condition, or feel uncertain about your tolerance for extreme levels of awesomeness.

The only thing that doesn’t appear to be in the pipeline is the lightsaber, which is too bad. When the end comes for Osama, I want the last thing he sees to be a SEAL doing a “Star Wars kid” move with one of those Darth Maul double-ended jammies.

As it is, we’ll have to settle for this. Awesome.