Stallone: Border fence "crazy, ridiculous"

I must break him.

In “Rocky Balboa,” an MGM Pictures release, the aging scrapper is running a restaurant when a computer-simulated bout inspires him to put the gloves back on. In one scene, his character defends his restaurant’s immigrant cooks and waiters against slanderous comments.

“I support Mexicans who work in my country,” he said, adding that the United States depends on the hard work of Latinos to keep running.

In comments to Mexican media later, Stallone criticized plans to build 700 miles of fence along the border as an immigration-control measure.

Such a fence was “crazy” and “ridiculous,” he said, arguing that nations should be able to interact without being divided by walls.

Emphasis on “should.”

What is it with action stars and illegals? Stallone wants to open the border and Arnold’s handing out universal coverage like it was candy.

You leave me no choice, Sly.

Update: In case anyone’s looking for a belated Christmas present for the big A, ahem.